Opthopedic bras

(use with silicon prosthetic devices)

It is a great decision of your problems...

We work for you! Feel excellent quality of the special underwear of firm "LIKONA"

This part of site represents a new line of underwear of firm "Likona", developed specially for the women after deleting of mammary gland and used together with prosthetic device. Designing our models we have applied the same ideas, which we use in production of the usual underwear, therefore you will feel as comfortably as earlier. At the same time, you will be relieved from many problems, which arise at the women who have transferred operation.

In a basis of our development lays the long-term experience of production of the underwear in Baltic states and wide application of materials of the known European manufacturers.

We do not stop work, and we shall expand a range of models with allowance of needs of the women of all age groups. 

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